Your Weekly Horoscope: February 23rd – February 30th

Happy Pisces Season to everyone (and Rihanna)! While we’re still in Mercury Retrograde, we’re slowly figuring out how to thwart its sting. On Tuesday, there is a Sun-Mercury conjunction that brings self-reflection to the forefront for all signs, in different aspects including love, life, and money. On Friday, there’s a square between Venus and Pluto,

The Link Between Placenta And Post-Natal Depression

Do the benefits of eating/drinking your own placenta extend to preventing post-partum depression in women? One mom in Norwich thinks so. Nikki Welling, 34, is encouraging new mums to collect their placenta and blend it into a smoothie or capsule. She claims that it helped her overcome many of the problems she experienced after giving birth.

5 Eco-Friendly Australian Brands You Need To Try ASAP

Australian trailblazers are leading the way in making products that are sustainable and good for the environment. Natural ingredients that don’t make us sick, irritated, or feel off also come to play in the brains of these masterminds who take it upon themselves to make a difference in the world, all while not changing the

Curious About Kefir? Here’s How to Work It Into Your Diet

Kefir is truly an elixir of health. Kefir and diet work together to make your digestion and other bodily functions better than ever. It is a delicious fermented beverage that has been around for thousands of years and for good reason. Kefir is a probiotic food, meaning it contains strains of beneficial bacteria that support

3 Simple Ways To Navigate Intimacy If You Have Children

The spring and summer holidays are fast approaching and family time is about to increase 10 fold thanks to the festivities of Easter, Spring break, and more. With the busiest time of year just around the corner, it can be difficult for some couples to maintain peace in the household when there’s so much going