Good Day Cold Brew Is A Two In One CBD Infused Coffee Innovation

If you made us choose between our self care and wellness remedies, we’d probably never be able to get our decision to you. It’s difficult to put into words how much we need all of the products we use to get through the day. The amount of daunting tasks in our routine makes us wish we had a little more time to spend doing other things.

In walks Good Day CBD-Infused Cold Brew Coffee, a custom blend of certified fair trade and organic coffee beans, water, and 15 mg of CBD from hemp extract that gives you a boost of balanced energy on-the-go. The combination of our morning joe and our necessary daily dose of CBD reduces our brewing time to zero, since this beverage is ready-to-drink in a compact and convenient 8 oz aluminum can (FYI, aluminum is one of the most environmentally-friendly packaging choices). Not to mention not having to linger, waiting for a tincture to dissolve under our tongues.

Good Day Cold Brew Is A Two In One CBD Infused Coffee Innovation

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Coffee and It’s Side Effects

You might ask, doesn’t the combination of CBD and coffee seem kind of counterintuitive? One’s going to wake you up and the other is going to chill you out. For example, waking up and having a hot cup of coffee to start the day is more than likely. Often comes along with the shakes, jitters, and anxiety, which is not the experience we signed up for. According to, the caffeine in coffee actually stimulates your “fight or flight” response, and some studies have shown that this can make your anxiety worse.

CBD In Combination With Coffee

However, studies done on the combination of CBD and coffee have shown some pretty surprising results. The overwhelming consensus is actually quite the opposite, with most individuals feeling alert, focused, and calm. According to, many people feel as if the addition of CBD disposes of the anxiety-like effects coffee gives them. Neuroscientist Leigh Winters says that adenosine in our nervous system may be a big factor in this feeling this way. “Adenosine acts as a central nervous system sedative, which is super useful in regulating our wake/sleep cycle. When you have coffee in the morning, it makes you feel more alert because the caffeine actually blocks adenosine receptors. What happens in the brain is that CBD delays neurons’ ability to ‘re-uptake’ adenosine. Without getting too technical, this connects to reducing inflammation in the body and heart”.

So sit back, relax, and wake up! May we suggest Good Day CBD Cold Brew Coffee?



This is a paid article by Good Day

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